Campbells bean and bacon soup rice recipe

Campbells bean and bacon soup rice recipe

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2 cups navy beans, drenched overnight
6 strips crispy fried bacon, minced
3 medium carrots, minced
3 medium celery stalks, minced
1 medium onion, minced
1/2 teaspoon thyme
2 cloves garlic clove, minced
4 ounces tomato paste
1 dash red pepper flakes
6 cups water, more as needed
2 cups pork stock, if available, decrease water
1 tablespoon wine vinegar
3 drops liquid smoke, optional
pepper and salt, to taste


Soak beans overnight and discard water.

Place all ingredients except wine vinegar, pepper and salt inside a large kettle. Simmer until beans are tender (about 3 hrs).

Puree one to two glasses of soup and go back to pot. Add wine vinegar and liquid smoke, mix well. Pepper and salt to taste. Serve with hot cornbread and honey.

cook's notes

substituting one or two glasses of pork stock for one or two glasses of water gives this soup an additional depth of flavor

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479 calories. 6 grams fat. 79 grams carbohydrates. 29 grams protein per serving.

ClosetFan December 15, 2011

Like most of the other reviewers, I had been searching for any recipe not far from the Campbell's Soup version. This recipe is alright (with one change), however it is not close enough I'd contemplate it an alternative. The feel is appropriate, the flavour is wrong so far as matching Campbell's. I have attempted this recipe two times (with variations) looking to get it nearer to the particular soup recipe and I recommend the next: 1. Very first time I just read this recipe, I had been very dubious about adding the white-colored wine vinegar in the finish, it appeared like an excessive amount of acidity, particularly with the tomato paste too. I had been right, it had been an excessive amount of, I could not even eat it. Suggest that you omit the vinegar entirely, or you enjoy vinegar, include a small amount and style of between which means you don't get carried away. 2. Another reviewer who stated there's an excessive amount of tomato paste was right. Did 4 ounces the very first time also it overpowered another flavors. I attempted putting only 3 ounces the 2nd time, as well as then, the resultant color was too red, the tomato taste was still being too strong. The predominant flavor ought to be smoky, and also the beans, not tomato. I am thinking about departing it altogether inside a future attempt. 3. Way, a significant amount of thyme. I'd consider halving it later on, or departing it altogether if you are attempting to replicate Campbell's. There is no hint of thyme I'm able to discern in Campbell's (I sampled it away from the can when compared with this recipe). 4. Have some method to introduce more smoke flavor in to the recipe. I am unsure the best way to get this done, adding more liquid smoke did not get it done. I added some pork base (which is used for stock) which had much more of a smoky flavor, and elevated the pork flavor, but possibly I did not add enough. I would likewise try adding some smoked pork later on. It is really an OK recipe as lengthy while you omit the vinegar in the finish, however if you simply are searching to duplicate Campbell's Soup, it is not close enough out of the box. Adjustments are essential.

foodie REVIEW:
April 7, 2011

I had been so excited after i found a recipe for Campbell's Bean with Bacon soup which i could not wait to really make it. This recipe did not taste anything enjoy it. It requires a lot tomato paste that it's the predominant flavor within this soup. It had not been bad tasting but it wasn't things i wished for.



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