Zinger burger recipe by shireen anwer chicken

Zinger burger recipe by shireen anwer chicken
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As possible perfectly see, I didn’t add any sauce to my hamburger. Reason? Well, the over-night marination led to a superbly juicy, moist and flavorsome chicken. It didn’t require any special mayonnaise or perhaps simple ketchup for your oomph! Serve it with a lot of Fried Potatoes. coleslaw as well as other salad from the salad bar and also you’ve had a meal directly from paradise, hell yeah

Despite the fact that, I’m glad I didn’t have any special sauce or ketchup on my small hamburger. I've published the mayonnaise sauce Shireen Anwer recommended with this particular hamburger in her own program. So, it’s totally your decision. But please, on my small request. do attempt to marinate the chicken fillets over-night after which taste the main difference.

First I attempted out Chef Zakir’s Zinger Hamburger also it would be a complete disaster. The recipe known as for 2 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate . Since’s an excessive amount of sodium bicarbonate, but nonetheless getting my belief in Chef Zakir, I transported on.

As luck might say, my six chicken fillets got wasted. The bitter taste of sodium bicarbonate am over-powering that nobody could finish their hamburger :S Guess he mistook baking powder for sodium bicarbonate or something like that. But Chef Zakir’s Zinger Hamburger would be a complete disaster. So, the next time I chosen Shireen Anwers’s Perfect Hot chicken hamburger plus they were just perfect

The thing you need for Chicken Marination

For coating chicken

  1. To create 1 cup self-raising flour, add 1 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt to at least one cup of flour. Please be aware, to 1 cup self-raising flour, as well as for this hot chicken hamburger additional salt and baking powder is going to be added. You are able to take 2 tablespoons of of self raising flour for that batter and the remainder for coating afterwards.
  2. Slightly flatten the chicken fillets with steak hammer, then marinate it in salt, pepper, garlic clove, ketchup and chili sauce.
  3. Marinate overnight for the best results.
  4. Take another clean and dry bowl and include self-raising flour, corn flour, salt, paprika, chili sauce, white-colored pepper, baking powder and blend well.
  5. Take chilled milk making a medium consistency batter by using it. Make certain you retain your batter chilled, once done, you may also ensure that it stays in fridge for later.
  6. Now go ahead and take self-raising flour inside a plate and hang aside.
  7. Bring your marinated chicken fillets, dip them in chilled milk batter after which coat in self-raising flour. Coat well on sides and pat gently so the flour may keep to the fillets.
  8. Deep fry, drain on kitchen paper once golden brown on sides.
  1. Use a scant teaspoon of mayonnaise on hamburger buns after which gently toast them on grill or fry pan, put aside.
  2. Cut round slices of tomato plants, onions and cucumbers. You can include gherkins (pickled cucumbers) or jalapeno if you want. Put aside.
  3. Bring your gently toasted bun, give a cheese slice.
  4. Place salad leaf or ice burg lettuce on the top.
  5. Put hamburger patty on the top.
  6. Then vegetables of the linking.
  7. Sauce if you want.

Serve it with Fried potatoes and coleslaw, em emm!

Attempted this recipe using the chicken leg pieces rather of the fillet.
It had been awesome and that i had that Zinger feel finally.
Attempted a couple of other recipes before however this one labored.
Had a nearly KFC type of feeling following a lengthy time
My hubby also loved it!

One factor I have to ask. Basically coat the chicken pieces and then leave it for many hrs, its totally different from when compared with frying the coated chicken pieces immediately.

Anyways, thanks and JazakaAllah for the efforts in posting authentic recipes for your blog

Oh how wonderful fatima. Glad you tired it and you loved it too. Regarding your question, girl, the primary reason it will get a little less-crispier as time passes is simply when you refrigerate it open.

Moisture remove its crispiness, so if you're coating them now and keeping them for a longer period, attempt to freeze them first and them keep these questions container or plastic bag only when they're rock solid. No before than that.

Do check it out and don't forget me inside your hopes.
Your suggestions as well as your surveys are always welcomed.
Btw have you get my e-mail?



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