Chicken pot pies recipe with pie crusts

Chicken pot pies recipe with pie crusts

Sherri Spencer (U . s . States) states:

I've my very own pot cake mixture made that we froze because of not requiring just as much. I will get this to crust tomorrow and perhaps double the amount recipe for crust on top and bottom, and you could make small pot pies - put crust in muffin pan, fill with filling, top with crust and bake! I'm so glad I discovered this, it's very easy and i'll have dinner completed in a jif! Many thanks!!

Tom (Bc) states:

I really only agreed to be searching for any quick fundamental recipe, which is certainly it. The only issue is. I phoned my mother as i was causeing this to be, and she or he is really a accomplished chef of 35 years, as i was requiring the dough around the board I informed her, the recipe known as for baking powder, and she or he stated, well your essentially creating a scone.

John Dang (California) states:

For that filling I saut° sliced shitake and brown beech mushroom with onions carrotsand zucchini butter before reducing after some wine after which mixed inpre steamed taters and celery. Hearty and awesome.

Julie (Nevada) states:

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