Balti chicken recipe by chef zakir chicken

Balti chicken recipe by chef zakir chicken

This can be a very tasty dish! I visited an Indian supermarket to purchase chili powder however i was fearful that it might be hot for all of us, and so i used as many as 1 teaspoon for any triple batch of sauce, also it was the perfect quantity of heat. I made the sauce in advance, after which added 12 skinless chicken thighs and baked at 300 F. until these were tender. I didn't add water after i added the chicken. The sauce was fairly thick at that time, however the juices in the chicken while baking gave the right consistency towards the finished sauce. I am believing that the next time I would add coconut milk rather of cream to complete the sauce, simply because I love it a lot.

My spouse is Chinese, so I am well rounded with assorted foods, which would be a fantastically simple recipe having a FANTASTIC result!

I really used two times the powders recommended, 1/2 the quantity of chicken, and started by frying the chicken using the powders to start with to make sure taste sunk in to the chicken

but yea, brilliant.

I've made Indian meals before however this was much better than them! It had been the right combination of sweet & spicy. I suggest doubling the sauce particularly if you are earning 4 or even more chicken breasts. This enables you to definitely have extra sauce to combine using the grain or dip the bread in. Can make again!

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