Kerala style chicken stew recipe

Kerala style chicken stew recipe


For that chicken stew:

Inside a deep pan, try taking some coconut oil, add chopped onions, red chilli, eco-friendly chilli, ginger root garlic clove paste. Fry until soft and golden.

Add chicken towards the masala mix and fry for several minutes.

Towards the chicken, add tomato plants and taters and blend well. Add second extract coconut milk.

Season the chicken with pepper, salt and add water. Place the lid on and simmer for forty-five minutes.

Towards the chicken add first extract of coconut milk, coriander and fresh lemon juice.

For Appam, inside a deep bowl take cooked grain, add grated coconut and drenched grain. Blend rid of it right into a smooth paste. Ensure that it stays overnight for fermenting.

Towards the fermented paste, add sodium bicarbonate, salt, sugar and water. Blend the paste to some smooth, consistency.

In a tiny kadhai, pour 1 ladle of appam mix and slowly move the kadhai so that this mixture is disseminate evenly.

Pay for it for 1-2 minutes.

Allow it to prepare until holes appear throughout appam and also the edges become brown.

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