Coffee cake recipe no sour cream

Coffee cake recipe no sour cream

Lexi from Kentucky

I made use of brownish sugar for that sugar topping mix. Unsure why it does not specify that. I loved the feel from the cake. Personally the next time I'll add vanilla or almond extract towards the cake batter. It certainly requires a flavor increase in the bites where you do not get the sugar swirl. The extract within this recipe is just within the sugar topping.

We enjoy having the creamy flavor from the sour cream or yogurt standout within the cake, therefore we don't demand adding extract towards the batter. However, knowing you are a vanilla (or almond) lover, then you can add 2-3 teaspoons of extract to the wedding cake. Enjoy! Kye@KAF

Izzie from Southern States

The wedding cake itself was scrumptious. The filing/topping was less desirable/ it had been grainy and sugary. Not really a streusel-like topping as coffee cakes I am acquainted with. Will attempt the recipe again however with another topping.

Izzie, if you want help troubleshooting the filling/topping, we'd love that will help you in the Baker's Hotline. Call us at 855-371-2253(BAKE). Barb@KAF

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