Recipe of karela fry in hindi

Recipe of karela fry in hindi

Stuffed Karela with onion masala is really a unique Indian dish with your exquisite flavor that it'll make even bitter karela taste like paradise.

You've got to be wondering steps to make this side dish that may transform the bitter gourd inside a tasty appetizer. Well the key ingredients within this recipe are - Karelas and also the stuffing mixture. For stuffing mixture, add onion, garlic clove and spices inside a blender making a fine paste and fry it. The stuffing mix is stuffed carefully in karelas perfectly.

And that is how our tasty Karela dish is able to be offered with grain.


Steps to make Stuffed Karela With Onion Masala:

  1. For that masala, add all of the ingredients (onion, garlic clove, dhania, jeera, dry chillies) within the blender and grind these to an excellent paste.
  2. Fry the paste inside a pan using needed quantity of oil. Add salt towards the paste. Keep aside.
  3. Wash karelas correctly and cut them at both sides in a way that you could stuff the masala. The karelas shouldn't be cut completely, they ought to remain whole.
  4. After cutting, keep your karelas in microwaveable plate and microwave them for around 5 mins. They'll be a little tender.
  5. Without having a microwave, you are able to directly start frying the karelas.
  6. Now have a pan and put it around the stove. Add oil and fry the karelas till they're cooked (you may also deep fry them.)
  7. Remove the karelas in the pan and allow them to awesome for a while.
  8. Now, stuff the fried masala paste within the fried karelas. Don't break the karelas.
  9. Fry the stuffed karelas again for around 5-ten mins on the low flame, for the way deeply you need to fry them.
  10. For those who have any paste remaining, include that in too. Fry till they're done.


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