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I’m keen on Lagunitas Beer. including Brown Shugga special ale, that they release in October. My hubby lately designed a recipe of Brown Shugga pointed out about this &"Are You Able To Brew It?&" podcast. also it’s the very best beer he’s made yet.

We understood i was onto something when, before even carbonating or dry hopping the beer, the wort sampled good. For only per week . 5 of letting the beer carbonate within the bottle, it had been sufficiently good to drink and is constantly on the mellow and obtain better in the future.

It is really an costly and somewhat challenging beer to create, but worthwhile. Brown Shugga is kind of just like a smaller sized, heavier-jumped form of a barleywine. It features a full mouth feel, a sweet undertone, along with a hoppy bite. But be cautious, it’s not for lightweights. Our beer arrived around 10% alcohol.

This is actually the recipe. The &"I&" speaking is my hubby:

Lagunitas Brown Shugga Ale Clone

Constitutes a 6 Woman. batch for five gallons of beer after fermentation.

    16 lbs. American Two Row
    3.8 lbs. Wheat Malt (used White-colored Winter Wheat)
    1.05 lbs. Very 60L
    1lbs. Munich 10L
    .25 lbs. Caramel 80L
    .25 lbs. Belgian Special B 150L
    75 grams Willamette 4.1% Alpha Acidity
    13.5 grams Nuggets 12.7% Alpha Acidity
    32 grams Liberty 4.5% Alpha Acidity
    43.5 grams Centennial 8% Alpha Acidity
    21 grams Cascade 6.5% Alpha Acidity
    .61 lbs. of Brownish Sugar

10 gallons water (7 for that mash,

3 more for sparging)
1 vial White-colored Labs WLP002 British Ale Yeast

Mash the grain at 155F for an hour.

I made use of a 7 gallon single infusion mash having a 2-2.5 gallon batch sparge. I collected 6.5 gallons of wort (I suggest attempting to collect nearer to 7 gallons if you're able to).

Boil the wort for 1 hour 30 minutes making the next hop and brown sugar additions in the appropriate occasions. I suggest putting your hops inside a hop sack so that you can pull them out following the boil (optional):

44g Willamette 4.1% @ 1 hour 30 minutes

10 grams Nuggets 12.7% @ forty-five minutes
31grams Willamette 4.1% @ forty-five minutes

61lbs. Brownish Sugar @ half an hour

3.5 grams Nuggets 12.7% @ 1 minutes
11 grams Liberty 4.5% @ 1 minutes
22.5 grams Centennial 8% @ 1 minutes

Following the boil, awesome the wort to a minimum of 70F after which transfer it to some sanitized fermentation vessel. Add White-colored Labs WLP002 British Ale Yeast. I observed because of all the hops put in the boil I'd lots of trubthe dregs at the end from the kettle when you're done boilingand only collected about 4 gallons of wort.

Ferment the wort for five days at 64F and lift the temp to 68-70F during the last a couple of days. Transfer it to some sanitized secondary fermenter and add some following dry hops towards the

5 gallons of wort:

21 grams Cascade 6.5%
21 grams Centennial 8%
21 grams Liberty 4.5%

4 gallons of wort and so i adjusted my hops proportionally. Allow the beer dry hop for five-seven days back around 65F then bottle or keg. The beer should finish around 1.022 final gravity.

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