10 abv ipa recipe magnum

10 abv ipa recipe magnum

Was wishing to obtain some input about this Citra IPA recipe I formulated. It was my first batch using my new corona mill, and as it turned out, I only hit 50% Efficiency! Have no idea what went down. I figured the grain looked milled enough. Due to the low efficiency, I needed to add 1lb corn sugar throughout the boil.

I added fresh cut Pineapple towards the boil with 10 min left (about eight 1-inch cubes). 5 gallon batch. Chilled with immersion chiller to 70 levels F. pitched rehydrated yeast at 70 levels and fermented at 64 levels ( elevated to 68 levels during energetic fermenting).

78% 10 Canada Malting Canadian 2-Row
8% 1 Corn Sugar (Dextrose)
5% 10 Munich Malt
4% 9 Caramel/Very Malt - 70L

3% 7 Cara-Pils/Dextrine
1% 2 Caramel/Very Malt - 40L

Boil 60 mins .75 Magnum pellet 13.1
boil 20 mins .5 Citra pellet 13.4
boil ten mins .25 Citra pellet 13.4
boil 5 mins .25 Citra pellet 13.4
boil 1 min .25 Amarillo pellet 7.
boil 1 min .25 Citra pellet 13.4
dry hop seven days .25 Amarillo pellet 7.
dry hop seven days .75 Citra pellet 13.4

OG - 1.052
Eff. 52%
Est ABV - 5.5%

Safale US-05 Dry Yeast

Any ideas. What will function as the aftereffect of only getting 50% brewhouse efficiency? less flavor?

12-10-2011, 08:39 PM

I personally use secondaries. p

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lower efficiency means you possessed to make use of more grain to create the wort than somebody with greater efficiency.

Basically chose to make this recipe and targeted the OG you've, I would need to lessen the levels of the grains (drop 1/3 of all things)

Theoretically, our wort would taste exactly the same.


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