Smoothie recipe with spinach and apple

Smoothie recipe with spinach and apple

This refreshing smoothie of green spinach, apple, and cucumber is one kind of my top picks, when i like smoothies which are more juicy and never too thick.

  • 2 big handfuls baby green spinach
  • 1 medium apple, cored and reduce large chunks
  • 3- to 4-inch piece cucumber (preferably peeled), reduce chunks
  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla nondairy milk or water, or 1 / 2 of each
  • one to two tablespoons hemp seeds or chia seeds, optional
  • 2 teaspoons agave nectar or any other liquid sweetener, optional
  • one to two tablespoons fresh lemon juice, to taste
  • A couple of ice, optional
  1. Combine all of the ingredients inside a blender. Process until completely smooth. Divide between two or three glasses and serve at the same time.
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38 comments on “ Green spinach and Apple Smoothie ”

Just got such a blender, which was the very first recipe I attempted in itboy could it be good! Yummy.

So flattered that you simply chose certainly one of VK’s recipes to test first, and you enjoyed it!

Attempted and love this recipe.I frequently use flax meal within my smoothies,especially if I personally use water. Flax meal adds extra nutrients and fiber and curbs hunger. Love Chia seeds too.

Appreciate your input, Ewelina — glad you enjoyed reading this!

My spouse and i are beginning eco-friendly smoothie mornings. This recipe looks great! I simply get one question: why if it is offered immediately? Is which makes it the night time before, an awful idea?

Pleasure, when you liquify vegetables and fruits, they lose nutrients and also the flavors go flat too. You make the most benefits and finest taste should you drink it immediately!

why green spinach or any eco-friendly leafy vegetable generally utilized in apple smoothie&....

Supreet, getting a leafy eco-friendly within the smoothie adds lots of fiber and antioxidants without adding an excessive amount of a &"eco-friendly&" flavor. The vegetables include a pleasant contrast towards the sweetness and sugars within the apple. It’s a terrific way to obtain the goodness of vegetables, damaged lower to your bodies cells.

I simply attempted this recipe. I had been great..
Used to do a few alterations into it though..
I made use of flax meal when i ran from Chai and haven’t had the ability to purchase more yet. I didn’t have agave, and so i used a couple of chunks of honeydew. I made use of unsweetened organic van. grain milk. It's so excellent. Appreciate posting this type of tasty recipe..

This can be a tasty smoothie! Can make it again! My hubby even enjoyed it! Thanks a lot for any great recipe!

Well here goes! Today I bough my nutra bullet I'm searching just vegie smoothies with milk and whey protein protein does anybody have ideas or tips on this regards jane

Jane, veggie smoothies is going to do you plenty of excellent, why add dairy? You don’t require it, nor does anyone require the milk that nature formulated specifically for calves. Enjoy!

Can leftover smoothies be produced into popsicles? TU!

Rosalind, that’s a good idea!

Smoothies have to be consumed within twenty minutes for full dietary benefits. Beyond that, they lose their dietary and " floating " fibrous punch but they are still refreshing and certainly a better option over canned sodas along with other crappy caloric-laden alternatives!

Also, I don’t share America’s dependence on sugars or fats. I've found adding agave or other sweetner absolutely unnecessary within this smoothie or other. Natural foods speak on their own, need NO enhancements and that i enjoy them within their natural form.

Your mileage will be different.

P.S. Nava is completely right. There’s pointless for that nondairy (or dairy) addition! Fruits and vegetables and seeds pack their very own flavor punch and stand by themselves. Don’t realise why smoothie-makers feel a necessity to cloak their natural splendor with dairy or non-dairy (or added sweeteners).

Only time I personally use non-dairy (unsweetened soy milk in bit) is within my evening treat &- a &"milkshake&" of blueberry, unsweetened dark cacao and peanut butter and ice.

Wow, many thanks with this recipe. I loved it a great deal.I made use of organic soymilk. it had been so great.

Thanks a lot glad you enjoyed it!

Just chose to make this sans sweetener also it’s great. Even my two year old wants it.

It is really an exceptional smoothie.
Used granny cruz apple, green spinach,cucumber,water, fresh lemon juice, agave syrup also it was beautiful.
Just one problem&...&...

Can’t stop consuming it.

The great factor is you do not need to stop!

Hi, appreciate these recipes, they're very useful for novices like myself. My veggie smoothies appear to be released quite foamy& that this normal or shall we be held doing a problem? There appears to become a separation within the glass between your liquid and also the veggies. Help. Thanks:)

Attempted this when i’m attempting to cut lower on snacking during the night may have it in the morning tomorrow because it am filling appreciate this excellent recipe.

Are you currently permitted to consume with this particular diet combined with the smoothie?

I discovered this, and that i’ve been consuming eco-friendly smoothies for a few several weeks and that i need different styles to test all of them seem good and from reviews they appear at first sight good can’t wait to test, thanks.

Are you currently designed to drink the whole factor? Also, do you know the dietary details with this recipe calories, fat, etc..

Rosemary oil, this will make two or three servings, so hire a company to talk about this with! We’re trying to evaluate our recipes, on the other hand you are able to DIY on — you can be certain that every serving is extremely lower in calories and it has without any fat.

Love this website. So glad I discovered it.

Thanks! I think you'll return frequently.

Carrying out a eco-friendly smoothie thirty day challenge and that i had that one at the moment. Scrumptious, and incredibly refreshing. Thanks.

I had been just a little reluctant around the proportions I didn’t think one apple could be enough, however this smoothie is amazing. I left the skins on and put in a number of cashews instead of the milk. I added cinnamon and vanilla only for kicks and i'm loving this smoothie. Bravo!!

Interesting feedback, Kamma. Love your tweaks — that’s why simple recipes are wonderful they function as templates that individuals can transform to match their very own tastes.

It was the very first eco-friendly smoothie I’ve available and that i like it! May have me hooked. (I added a blueberry into it, it tastes great!)

I made use of coconut water also it was scrumptious and refreshing!

Will the lemon not spoil the milk?

My try in a smoothie. I had been reluctant to make use of green spinach, however it tastes very good. The aftertaselte normally takes some adjustment! Off and away to a wonderful start though! Just recipe!

I don’t like green spinach. So what can I sub?

For those who have a higher-speed blender, try collard vegetables. However, you’ll be amazed, you won’t even taste the green spinach!



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