Dr mcdougall potato diet recipe

Dr mcdougall potato diet recipe

Concerning the MWL and Non-MWL listing of recipes in the McDougall Newsletters.

Around the MWL list I didn't include recipes which had pasta, bread, tortillas, tofu, soy milk, nuts, peanut butter, tahini, sesame oil, flour, juice or greater than a small quantity of dried fruit.

Used to do include recipes with corn starch and couscous since there are recipes with individuals ingredients within the MWL Program book. I incorporated a few recipes with sugar around the MWL list despite the fact that McDougall recommends using only sugar at first glance of food within the MWL book.

Within the MWL book McDougall particularly states to prevent soy milk but he lists free of fat soy milk grain milk being an acceptable milk substitute. Then when I saw soy milk indexed by a recipe I considered it not MWL. Whether it listed ‘soy or rice’ milk I considered it MWL.

If there is a Non-MWL component within the recipe’s component list with (optional) after it, I didn't include it around the MWL list. However, if within the hints it recommended adding a Non-MWL component when serving the dish (like a spoonful tofu sour cream in your chili or serving a soup with crusty bread) I stored it around the MWL list.

Most of the non-MWL recipes could be easily transformed into MWL by altering only one component. Like altering the soy milk to free of fat soy milk, or even the tofu to beans, the pasta to brown grain, or departing the optional nuts or olives.

Like a final disclaimer, I made these lists like a useful tool personally and to see other McDougallers. The 2 lists have nearly 500 recipes and I wouldn't be amazed basically made a mistake or two when compiling their email list. So please make use of your own judgment when deciding if your recipe is needed you meet your wellbeing goals. Good luck.


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