Sauerkraut recipe 1 head of cabbage

Sauerkraut recipe 1 head of cabbage

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  • Remove any outer leaves which are brown or broken. DON'T wash the cabbage -- you will want natural bacteria around the leaves. They are what can cause the fermentation to happen that turns cabbage into sauerkraut.
  • Weigh the cabbage mind. This can be done at the shop before getting it home, because so many supermarkets have scales.
  • Cut the mind into quarters, so the core (stem) is reduce quarters.
  • De-core by slicing away the thick stem.
  • Using the quarter-mind on the cutting board, carefully slice the cabbage into shreds concerning the thickness of the cent. Many people shred them more heavily, though (in regards to a quarter inch).

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Place the cabbage shreds inside a glass or ceramic crock .

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