Low fat carrot cake recipe

Low fat carrot cake recipe

We significantly slim lower probably the most egregiously over-the-top cakes within the world. By Sidney Fry, MS, RD

A while back, carrot cake grew to become the poster child for any healthy-sounding food that's really a fat and calorie disaster. But we'd forgotten the amount of a tragedy it may be until we checked out a web-based recipe from the celebrity chef who shall go unnamed. There it had been, in most its splendor, coming in at 1,460 calories and 28 grams of saturated fats in a single gargantuan three-layer slice.

Couple of would be the recipes which have been revamped quite this dramatically. We shaved about 1,000 calories and 89 grams of total fat. Yet, it's scrumptious: Creamy butter and smooth buttermilk produce a perfectly moist, tender texture. Earthy brown sugar brings about the nice and cozy cinnamon spices. Real-deal cream cheese and butter maximize frosting flavor. Low-fat fromage blanc along with a light sprinkle of toasted pecans turn it into a special, vastly lighter treat.

1,460 calories per slice
99 grams total fat
28 grams saturated fats
24 tablespoons oil for moisture
Frosted with one stick of butter along with a pound of cream cheese
Pecan extravaganza

284 calories per slice
9.7 grams total fat
4.9 grams saturated fats
6 tablespoons butter along with a wealthy a little buttermilk
Frosted having a hint of butter, cream cheese, and fromage blanc
A wonderfully toasted sprinkle



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